Sharing my Messy and Magical world

It’s been a slooooooow process to do this. It’s only something I’ve been meaning to do for you know- seven years or so! The bottom line is- I like to write. Ok I say write, you say ramble- semantics 😉

So here is my official space to share a little piece of me. Probably nothing you haven’t seen before- another mum who likes to share the ups and downs in an attempt to connect with and reassure others that they aren’t in this alone. That we all have our struggles. I don’t know know where this will go, I don’t have any intentions or any specific topics in mind. I’m just a feeler who likes to write the things she feels. If that connects with or helps even one person- great- but truly I’m finally creating this space because I’ve decided to do it for me.

‘Be here. Be you. Belong.’ – Brene Brown


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